The only self-adjusting anti-snoring device with proven effectiveness

Get back to sleep with our anti-snoring system.

Ares Dental offers the only self-fitting anti-snoring device whose effectiveness has been evaluated and proven in hospitals and clinics by sleep specialists, ENT specialists and dentists in Brussels.
These rigorous studies have also shown that the Ares dental anti-snoring device offers excellent long-term tolerance:

  • 99% of users have good compliance.
  • Users report no discomfort, and any discomfort experienced is considered minor or negligible.
  • 97% have no significant dental or joint impact.

Causes and factors of snoring

Do you suffer from ronchopathy? In other words, do you snore? In most cases, snoring is perfectly normal. However, it all depends on the intensity of the snoring. These few lines will help you understand the main causes of snoring. Understanding why you snore is already a big step: sometimes all it takes is a slight change in your habits to say goodbye to snoring.

Is snoring normal?

Snoring is a noise that occurs during sleep. Although unpleasant, snoring is nevertheless quite normal, to a certain extent. It is also very widespread. Yes, a large proportion of the population snores: 10% of children and over 40% of adults under the age of 40. Snoring becomes annoying when it reaches a major level (the sound level can reach 95 decibels). They can therefore have numerous long-term health implications. What’s more, a large proportion of snorers suffer from sleep apnea without realizing it. This sleep disorder can also lead to a number of health problems (excessive sleepiness, mood disorders, poor sleep quality, weight loss difficulties, etc.). So how do you stop snoring? To find out, you need to know the causes of snoring; identifying them will enable you to treat ronchopathy in the best possible way.

Why do we snore?

Snoring is caused by abnormal vibrations in the pharynx during inspiration. The muscles of the back of the throat, uvula, soft palate and tongue relax during deep sleep. All these organs then take up more space and partially obstruct the airways. Inhaling makes it harder for air to circulate, causing the pharynx to vibrate, resulting in the characteristic snoring sound. Snoring is sometimes associated with other nocturnal respiratory disorders, such as sleep apnea.

Snoring can be temporary, intermittent or regular. Snoring, of varying intensity, has a significant social impact. It can create relationship problems with the spouse, and above all, cause profound fatigue during the day. It can also cause loss of alertness and drowsiness during the day. This sleepiness can have a negative impact on the sleeper’s social and professional life. In some cases, they can even endanger him or her, when driving a vehicle or carrying out a risky task.

Many anti-snoring products make promises. Ares Dental brings you results.

Anti-snoring orthosis treatment, an effective solution to stop snoring

Snoring affects nearly 7 out of 10 people. As well as affecting the quality of sleep, snoring can have serious consequences for a couple’s relationship. How can I stop snoring? What anti-snoring treatments? We tell you about all the possible solutions to combat snoring.

What treatment is effective against snoring?

Stopping snoring is anything but a walk in the park: there are so many solutions, more or less effective, that snoring sufferers often find it difficult to stop. You don’t know what to do to treat ronchopathy ? First, we recommend that you take care of your lifestyle; the cause of minor or occasional snoring often stems from a number of bad daily habits. These include taking stimulants in the evening, eating too late or too large a meal, going to bed late… Take care of your lifestyle in order to fight snoring.

Doesn’t it work? You can test the natural remedies. Phytotherapy and aromatherapy can be effective against very light, transient snoring. These are not miracle cures, however, and may be totally ineffective depending on the cause of your snoring. As a last resort, if requested by your doctor, you can undergo surgery to clear your airways and restore restful sleep. There’s another solution to snoring, one that’s highly effective and requires little effort: a mandibular advancement orthosis.

Opt for effective anti-snoring treatment with a customized device. Our proven mandibular advancement anti-snoring prosthesis is a particularly effective and inexpensive anti-snoring treatment compared to other solutions. The anti-snoring prosthesis is a tray to be placed over the teeth before going to bed. Simple to install, it compensates for airway narrowing during the night. It allows air to pass more easily, keeping the lower jaw and tongue in the right position while you sleep. This mouthguard is highly effective, as it acts directly on the causes of snoring. It is recommended for patients suffering from snoring caused by various factors, such as sleep apnea syndrome.

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