Dental restraint

The restraint phase

Orthodontic treatment always ends with a retention phase. It corresponds to the immobilization of the teeth in the optimal position.

The restraint phase is therefore absolutely essential at the end of the treatment. It consists of holding the teeth in the ideal position at the end of treatment.

A wire is glued to the lingual surface of the teeth (i.e. the inner surface of the teeth), up and down, from canine to canine. This extremely discreet thread provides lifelong treatment stability and causes no discomfort for the patient. Its optimized relief also ensures optimal oral hygiene.

Last but not least, the wires are fitted with a safety gutter in case of wire breakage. This will be worn temporarily at night in case of breakage, until the wire is repaired.

The different stages

To correct these malpositions, the practitioner begins with a clinical examination. The orthodontic practitioner establishes a treatment plan in consultation (estimate) with the patient following the study of additional documents such as :

1 - Radios

2 - Intraoral photos

3 - Dental impressions

Successful treatment

Orthodontics is a team effort!

Together, the practitioner and patient ensure the success of orthodontic treatment. To ensure that your orthodontic treatment goes as smoothly as possible, the following 4 points are essential:

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