Dental gutter and aligner

A great smile starts with a great dentist

Modern technology

Thanks to our experienced orthodontists, you’ll be able to correct your smile without losing your habits. We use modern technology, namely :

Ares dental

A beautiful smile

The invisible aligner that gives you back your smile with a simple, aesthetic, made-to-measure solution: aligners. We make a point of offering you a discreet and effective dental realignment solution, with transparent, high-quality aligners.

Choose the Ares Dental smile




An X-ray of your teeth to ensure that you are in perfect oral health to begin your treatment.

3D scanner

A state-of-the-art 3D scanner for a complete view of your teeth.

Explanations of treatment

Our team will give you a full explanation of the results and treatment procedure.


The treatment

3D video

A 3D video before you begin treatment for your new smile.

The kit

You’ll receive your welcome and aligner kit.

Dental office appointment

Our fees include all consultations throughout your treatment.


After treatment


You can choose the contention of your choice. A mouthpiece to be worn every night or an invisible retainer fitted by our practitioner.

Our prices

Ares Light

1990 Contention from €250
  • Recommended for people who need a slight correction of tooth position.

Ares Supreme

3290 Contention from €250
  • Recommended for more complex cases requiring stronger tooth position correction

Ares Medium

2490 Contention from €250
  • Recommended for people who need moderate correction of tooth position.
Frequently asked questions

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Gutters are painless, hygienic and removable. You’ll know the result of your treatment before you start.

To avoid damaging the trays, we recommend removing them before eating or drinking hot or colored beverages (coffee, tea, some soft drinks).

In general, we recommend changing eavestroughs every two weeks. Right from the start, our orthodontists offer a personalized approach to each of our patients.

The duration of treatment varies according to the patient’s case. We recommend a non-binding appointment with our orthodontists to discuss your individual case.

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