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Dental care for children

Because they too deserve the best treatment

It’s important to start early to ensure that your children receive the right care and service.

Dental care for children is an important discipline. Dentists are trained to put children at ease during consultations.

Ares Dental takes care of your children. Their dental health is just as important as that of adults, so that their teeth develop as healthily as possible.


Dentistry for children and adolescents is a lifelong condition of oral health and is based, for about 16 years, on the following six pillars:

  • Prophylaxis and caries management
  • Trauma management
  • Periodontal management
  • Occlusion management
  • Patient care
  • Management of control reminders

Carry management and prevention

Carry management begins at birth. Parents are responsible for their children’s dental health, and can prevent or minimize the need for dental work. Depending on the child’s age and maturity, the relationship with the dentist evolves to the benefit of the parents.

Trauma management

If your child takes part in sporting activities, this should be mentioned at the regular check-ups with the dentist. Play, sports and traffic accidents during childhood and adolescence can have serious consequences for the entire dentition. For these reasons, dental accident prevention is an important area of pedodontics.

Periodontal management

Dental management in children is relatively straightforward. Parents are also taught age-appropriate oral hygiene methods. However, it is of great importance in the adolescent, as it lays the foundations for good periodontal health in later life.


Monitoring the eruption of teeth and the development of permanent dentition is an integral part of pedodontics. The aim of occlusion management is to ensure that the permanent dental arches are aesthetically pleasing and functional.

We support you

Ares Dental convenes the children and adolescents at fixed, agreed intervals. Our specialist dentists define these intervals taking into account the child’s oral situation and family circumstances.

Frequently asked questions

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Parents can teach their children about brushing and good oral health. Children’s cavities must be prevented as soon as their first milk teeth appear.

The dentist must be informed of the child’s sporting activities. Sports and leisure activities can cause bumps and broken teeth.

A child’s first visit to the dentist can be stressful.

The child should not be alarmed before the consultation.

A dentist specializing in pediatric dentistry is accustomed to instilling confidence in children.

Oral health is essential: good or bad, it has an impact on a person’s general state of health. Taking care of your teeth allows you to continue eating normally and prevents the onset of pathologies that can have serious repercussions on the body. A few simple, easy-to-implement hygiene rules, such as tooth brushing and a balanced diet, should be learned from an early age to become good habits.

When gums are irritated, or when you suspect cavities.

You can make an appointment with Ares Dental Luxembourg.

If your child has not undergone any treatment, the visit is still an opportunity to remind him/her of the practices associated with good oral hygiene and tooth brushing.

You can make an appointment with Ares Dental Brussels.

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