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The benefits of orthodontic treatment

In addition, an improved facial appearance helps to boost self-confidence, and therefore quality of life in general, particularly during childhood and adolescence, but also later in life.

Causes of orthodontic problems

We distinguish two main groups of determining factors: hereditary and acquired. But a hereditary cause can be “aggravated” by acquired conditions, so that the exact origins of the problem can be multiple and sometimes difficult to pin down.
Thus, the causes are generally due to a disturbance in the evolution of facial growth between birth and adulthood, or to a disturbance in dental evolution. These disturbances result fromvariations in the functions of chewing, swallowing, breathing, etc. Habits such as thumb-sucking also disrupt dentofacial development.

Why turn to a specialist?

Orthodontics can permanently change the position of a person’s teeth and facial morphology. It is therefore essential that orthodontic treatment is undertaken and followed up professionally. Thanks to their specific university training following a degree in dentistry, qualified orthodontic specialists have the necessary skills to carry out treatment that will correct each individual’s orthodontic problem. What’s more, by practicing orthodontics exclusively, the specialist has acquired perfect mastery of his field.

Orthodontic treatment... for whom?

Who needs orthodontic treatment?

Here are a few “signs” that can help you detect the existence or probable appearance of an orthodontic problem (malocclusion):

When should you start aligning your teeth?

Because each patient’s case must be considered individually, it’s difficult to determine absolutely when to start orthodontic treatment to align your teeth. Our orthodontists will recommend the right lingual appliance for you.

When clinical signs are observed, it may still be too early to start treatment. However, it’s never too early to seek the advice of an orthodontist and make a diagnosis to determine the origin of the problem. We therefore recommend a first assessment visit at around the age of seven or eight.

Conversely, there is no age limit for orthodontic treatment. It’s no secret that orthodontic treatment for adults has taken off in recent years. As a result, adults who were not fortunate enough to be treated as children can benefit from modern (ceramic) aesthetic appliances. For adult patients, our dentists use Invisalign clear braces, which are virtually invisible. Don’t hesitate to ask about our orthodontic practice’s affordable prices.

Our prices

Ares Light

1990 Contention from €250
  • Recommended for people who need a slight correction of tooth position.

Ares Medium

2490 Contention from €250
  • Recommended for people who need moderate correction of tooth position.

Ares Supreme

3290 Contention from €250
  • Recommended for more complex cases requiring stronger tooth position correction

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