Invisible / lingual appliance

The Lingual device


Lingual braces are the only truly invisible treatment, since the brackets are bonded to the inside of the teeth.

The brackets used for the invisible lingual appliance :

In lingual orthodontics, because brackets are placed on the inside of the teeth, they require extremely meticulous laboratory work before installation. Unlike conventional brackets, it is necessary to create a set-up using impressions:

  1. We define the ideal position of the teeth at the end of treatment
  2. The custom-made rings are then positioned inside the set-up, in the desired end-of-treatment position.
  3. Finally, the position of the braces is transferred to the initial malocclusion impression.

On the day of the fitting, the rings are custom-fitted in accordance with the laboratory work performed.

Lower jaw

Lower jaw

Upper jaw

Upper jaw

Lingual Orthodontics

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